999 Roses- One string instrument-Monochord Traditional Vietnamese music

%u0110a%u0300n B�%u0300u (pronounced [%u0257%u01CEn %u0253%u0259%u030Cw]; "gourd lute"; ) also %u0111�n %u0111%u1ED9c huy%u1EC1n (or %u0111%u1ED9c huy%u1EC1n c%u1EA7m ) is a Vietnamese monochord, or one-string guitar!
The word "monochord" means literally "one string." In the monochord, a single stringsis stretched over a sound box. The string is fixed at both ends while a movable bridge alters pitch. Originally, the Dan Bau was made of just 4 parts: a bamboo tube, a wooden rod, a coconut shell half, and a silk string. The string was strung across the bamboo, tied on one end to the rod, which is perpendicularly attached to the bamboo. The coconut shell was attached to the rod, serving as a resonator.

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